About Advertising for Results, Inc.

At Advertising for Results, Inc. we focus on using Web to bring new customers to your business.

We apply combined 40 years of computer experience with over 20 years of Web marketing experience, as well as retail management experience, to form the foundation of our customized web marketing campaigns. We can build new websites as necessary. The goal is always the same – to boost your business.

5 Pillars of Web Marketing

Modern web marketing is a rapidly changing discipline, with 5 major sub-specialties:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Local Search Marketing

Pay per Click

Social Media

Email Marketing

While an ideal approach is to use all five in an integrated manner, we find that most businesses do not opt for such a campaign due to cost constraints (Pay Per Click in particular can become very expensive very fast). Lack of reliable mailing lists for Email Marketing is another reason for not using all five pillars of web marketing.

Fortunately, Web is so ripe with opportunities, that even a basic SEO and Local Search campaign can bring in substantial new business and provide a very comfortable return on investment. Adding Social Media component not only increases ROI, but also positions your business for future growth. Social Media continue to attract more and more people, especially the younger generations which are starting to get married, buy houses, and in general are entering their prime earning and spending years.

If your business is not getting all the customers you need, or you are thinking of expanding your business, call us for a free, no obligation consultation. Call now 510-209-8049.